Friday, September 28, 2007

What Are We Up To?

VoiceSage At Call Centre Expo 2007 VoiceSage team have been busy at Call Centre Expo 2007 this week. I don't know how, but we always seem to have fun at this exhibition, and the team just love it when they do a demo and see the customers eyes light up when their phone rings. I have been reading around for a few days now, and there are a lot of really good presentations out there on how to build a good customer offering, but it does boil down to a couple of clear things: (1) Can you communicate the benefit really quickly (2) Can the customer experience the benefit quickly (3) Can you put metrics on cost and benefits, roughly but yes, quickly Once these are in place, you can move to the next stage of the conversation. We've managed to do that quite well at tradeshows because we take your number, your voice, and deliver it right there and then as a customised interaction. That's why the eyes light up. VoiceSage In Irish Times Today In other news today, VoiceSage received a very decent write up in the Irish Times Business Section today. We love that, because we never talk technology, we talk business benefits and so many technology based companies can get lost in the technology section of the newspaper. A big thank you goes out to John Collins of the Irish Times for managing to get the message across. VoiceSage and FOWA (Future of Web Apps) and Telco2 Conference VoiceSage will be at FutureOfWebApps a leading 2.0 event in the UK. There are so many good speakers and companies there that we will have a hard time keeping up. If you are going to be there why not drop us a line and we can see if we can meet up. We will also be at STL Partners Telco2 Conference in the Innovators zone. Martin Geddes is one of the brightest analysts out there and we are looking forward to showing people Telco2.0 in action.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WSJ Covers Debt Management for SME's

Short post: Wall Street Journal is covering collections and debt management for small business, perhaps sensing that this issue is going to become even more important over the coming year.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Its only a matter of time....(multiple issues)

Well some people must be reading this blog because we've had a number of enquiries about enabling web2.0, voice 2.0, and related services. Thanks for getting in touch and there are some interesting projects coming forward. We are also about to make a number of announcements about client wins with our enterprise offerings so stay tuned. We will also get to talk a little about the results our clients have been achieving through the service, and that will be good too.

Now some other notes:

(1) Mashups have begun in earnest, and I've liked to just keep an eye on one sector in particular and that's real estate. It ticks a number of boxes for me in terms of people cruise the internet looking at pricing of houses in their area, they compare other areas, and its fairly high involvment as a decision type. Maps has proved to be a very valuable baseline asset; now if you can get others to overlay their data assets you begin to get some serious analytical capabilities. For example see which has built up a huge amount of interest through this kind of strategy. Now take something like a map of reported crime figures and overlay this data overlay data relating to the rate of sickness in an area; and you begin to see that the next range of mashup services could very well be mashed-analyics. Why is this link to unsafecities interesting to me? well the video it chose to link to for it's number one ranked unsafe city, was a user generated review of a boating tourism attraction in the city. The review was largely possitive, but that will change with better faceted search. User reviews, and user commenting are powerfull because they are often returned first in search, and browsers trust reviews more than companies, and they trust reviews from friends more than all the rest. And by putting all of the above together, you can see why I am so interested in Nestoria and Facebook: (still my absolute favourite app is app on facebook: stunning). (2) No, we are not overcome with fb hysteria, but we do think that fb offers some genuine opportunities to develop and test applications ideas that may have broader applications. In short, its a great place to innovate. We do have a facebook application in alpha, and we are going to release an upgrade sometime next week. We are just fixing the sign up process, and some look and feel issues, so thanks to everyone for their feedback. (3) Looks like we are going to go to the FOWA London, so if anyone is planning on going let us know and we might meet up and have some conversations around the event. Looks like an interesting event. (4) Finally, the very best of luck to Pat Phelan, Sean O'Mahoney and the cubic telecom crew at Techcrunch40. They are in amoung the big boys of the Internet world and my guess is they will walk away the lions share of the news coverage.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anyone Out There Have a Web 2.0 Service?

Well as you've probably noticed, posting has been slow here on the blog. There are many reasons for that, but one of them is that we've been working out how VoiceSage can adopt some of the principles of web 2.0 or as others call it, the live web. But we enable outbound calling and interactive notification right? Yes, we do. And we also enable SMS, and Premium SMS messaging. In fact, if you needed to create outbound alerts and notifications from your web2.0 service to the mobile phone, we would be an ideal solution for you. So in the interests of moving along to the next stage, if anyone out there has a web 2.0 service that might need to reach out to the mobile phone, let us know! We're looking to engage in conversation with people that are one step ahead in their thinking!!

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