Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anyone Out There Have a Web 2.0 Service?

Well as you've probably noticed, posting has been slow here on the blog. There are many reasons for that, but one of them is that we've been working out how VoiceSage can adopt some of the principles of web 2.0 or as others call it, the live web. But we enable outbound calling and interactive notification right? Yes, we do. And we also enable SMS, and Premium SMS messaging. In fact, if you needed to create outbound alerts and notifications from your web2.0 service to the mobile phone, we would be an ideal solution for you. So in the interests of moving along to the next stage, if anyone out there has a web 2.0 service that might need to reach out to the mobile phone, let us know! We're looking to engage in conversation with people that are one step ahead in their thinking!!

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Alan O'Rourke said...

What are the geographic limits of the notifications? Any countries not covered?

Paul Sweeney said...

Hi Alan, no geographical limitations. Mostly geographical limitations become an issue where you have inbound SMS requirements and need to manage a short code.

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