Monday, April 16, 2007

Who Is Sick In Your Area, Family, Work?

I was saying a while ago, that IrishHealth should think about building out its community of users capability. Via VentureBeat I read that a site called "who is sick" lets you post who is sick, and to list symptoms. Could this become an for over the counter medications? Interesting to see that concerns of spoofing are being looked at by logging the IP addresses. Why this area is interesting to customer service and to company strategy, is future success will depend on your ability to become a honey-pot for customer data today. If you could track symptoms by area, then you could send warning messages to registered users, and even advice on where to get the most highly customer-rated flu remedy, from the nearest available pharmacy that stocks that product. If I were Proctor and Gamble I'd get right behind this king of thinking. Thinking about it some more, wouldn't I want to be pro-actively notified if "symptoms such as X, Y, or Z" were showing up at my postal code? or if "x number of people registered with my office, or my kids school" caught the flu? This isn't "out there semantic web" stuff, most of this could be delivered with a mash up of Google Maps, Me.dium, Rapleaf, and VoiceSage.

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