Friday, April 13, 2007

A Short Note On Trust

You don't negotiate with someone that want to kill themselves, you listen. That's the trade off, you listen to them, and then they have to listen to you
. Businesses often look to other arena's of expertise to learn how to do things better. Dealing with the very distressed on a suicide line is one of those areas where you just have to know what you are doing. So when your customer service staff are "negotiating" with a late payer, or with someone with a real gripe, perhaps an interesting statistic might be what percentage of the first 10 minutes your customer service person was speaking in relation to how long the customer was speaking. What is the a correct ratio for this in your business process? Paraphrased From Trusted Advisor Associates.

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Sean said...

would like to add you to my netvibes page but can't seem to find an rss feed? do you have one?

Paul Sweeney said...

Hi Sean, if you go to Netvibes, add an rss feed top left hand corner, and type in you will be presented with an RSS feed. Of course, it would be handy if I had that on my sidebar to start with, will look into that. Hope that works out for you. Thanks for dropping by.

Paul Sweeney said...

Sean, there is now a little subscribe button on the right hand side, just around the linked-in button. If you click on that, you should be offered the option of subscribing through a number of different readers.

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