Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CrowdSourcing Technical Capability ?

Tim O'Reilly makes an interesting point when he notes that TellMe took a huge leap in voice recognition capability when it launched into directory services. Nothing changed from a technical point of view but they had a larger data set to work from. And there is that term again, DATA. Ditto now with Google Translation services. So perhaps "Crowdsourcing" and "datasourcing" are now coalescing.... Another way of looking at this is "what is your distribution channel to customer data?". If you make directory enquiries through TellMe or Google, you will also probably hand on your mobile phone number (hey, so we can text you back the information!), which of course is linked to your account information (on google, or MS), and when the Telco's go all Adserving friendly (as per Telco 2.0) then your GPS data gets handed over. So the questions I have for every service provider I can think of is "do you know what data underpins your competitive advantage and what is your data acquisition strategy" For the simple start up company perhaps the question is "what makes your data sets interesting to GYM?(Google, Yahoo, Microsoft); what is your data acquisition strategy, and what is the time value of this data acquisition path?"

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Anonymous said...

There are too many start-ups thinking that having customer data will make them an acquisition traget... It's not the data that's the important factor to their future company's value in the markets; it's the value of correlation of that data to an extended product set.

So, the question is not what is your data strategy but what is your customer knowledge and extended product-set roadmap.

Paul Sweeney said...

I actually agree "anonymus" (sic)... however, I am not sure that the data strategy only needs to underpin the product map, I think there will be many different types of data value, such as reputation, or credit history, or geo-mobility. However, your comment is well taken, and companies should always ensure that their actions and strategies underpin their own future product and service strategy, as well as having potential future value to other organisation....

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