Monday, February 19, 2007

Dell Get Interactive

Sadagaopan posts interesting news on dell 2.0. Basically, dell are soliciting information from customers on how to do things better. This is a good start to "opening up the conversation". Given that dell has millions of customers that are "trained" to design their computer their way, is there room for dell to enable customers to post up ideas for entirely new computer-electronic products or services, have other customers vote on them, and then specify "if we hit this level of interest, we will make it!". It's there for consumer products at CafePress and broadband companies have been using "sign up triggers" for demand management for a few years now. If Dell did this it would be a big wow. And dell have a core competence in delivering this kind of thing from a logistics point of view. In effect, they could change from a Computer Logistics company to a "network collaborator", or as John Hagel III puts it the orchestrator of "Creation nets".

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