Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blackberry As A Status Symbol

Putting a slightly different spin on a survey reported by Alec Saunders,: if Blackberry users actually do work longer hours, and do get paid more, and do overachieve, is the Blackberry now officially a fashion-based product? This might seem an odd comment right now, given that Blackberry is all about the email, but as services like Talk-Now, and Push-2-Talk become pervasive across devices, maybe the emotional and social connotations of being a Blackberry user will become more important than pure functionality. Just a thought. For VoiceSage users, it means that there are many Blackberry users out there that want to keep connected away from the desk, the question is which mode is appropriate for that communication, and if everybody you need to reach is not on a blackberry, how do you connect across devices, quaranteed.

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