Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SMS Coupons: Yes, A Need....

JupiterResearch has found that consumer adoption of mobile coupons is minimal, but interest is high enough to justify adding them to the advertising mix. Among several findings detailed in a new report, "Mobile Coupons: Are Consumers Ready to Clip Coupons on Cell Phones?," JupiterResearch has also found that of advertisers utilizing mobile marketing, 37 percent are doing so to increase short-term product sales. "Twenty-four percent of cell phone owners are interested in receiving special offers and coupons on their cell phones, yet barely one percent of cell phone owners have used text messaging for the purposes of obtaining a coupon or discount," said Julie Ask, Research Director at JupiterResearch. "Cell phones offer advertisers the opportunity to serve highly targeted, just-in-time coupons to their customers, but opt-in requirements require a mindset that more closely resembles e-mail marketing than traditional coupons." Utilizing cell phones as a platform to reach consumers with mobile coupons offer many benefits to advertisers including notification of time-of-day and day-of-week redemption, instant delivery, geo-targeting, time-of-day targeting, forward-to-a-friend features, higher redemption rates due to stringent opt-in requirements, and a buzz factor given the newness of the medium.

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Tito said...

It has been challenging so far to match usability and safety to meet user's expectations on privacy while offering a good value.
We are developing a mobile coupon distribution platform called moQpon. Let us know what you think.

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