Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Telco2: In Brief Review

Telco2 4th Executive brainstorm was last week, and it was in London, and it was some fun. It was also a little worrying. Thomas Howe did a great job of summing up over on Alec Saunders SquawkBox Perhaps it is a problem of "big numbers". There is still money in connectivity and IT outsourcing. The Telco's can't seem to get their heads around how to get started, and even it's worth doing. How to and why they should expose API's is an unknown. And these are some very big numbers, it is perhaps difficult to get excited. Now a bit of a drum roll please.... VoiceSage announced that a major study had come in from a large client showing an 800% overall improvement in the processes enabled by VoiceSage. Uh hum. Yes. VoiceSage brought their cash in 100% faster and the cascading effects of this were significant. So when I was saying we can make dramatic offers, I wasn't joking. Now here is the kicker: "Every $1 spent with VoiceSage makes or saves you $12": again, validated. So what's with the big diagram folks? (HT Dion Hinchcliffe) The Web and the Company will mash together. The ease with which this is possible has the potential to release a lot of new data, and create a benefits that are orders of magnitude above what current IT deployments are able to achieve. Oh and as I was at Telco2, Dion and his crew were building, in realtime, applications within the new Google hosted development environment. So, under the floor boards, the ants were already swarming. So, I can build an application in the cloud, host it in the cloud, scale it in the clowd, and promote it through Google, and manage the logistics of delivery through Amazon. That's cute. And what do Telco's do? We do what we always do, we provide you with connectivity........

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