Friday, January 25, 2008

Enabling Online Interactions: Yabb?

Techcrunch uk's Mick Butcher report on Yabb, a service that integrates with your Skype to make the call. You go to the Yabb site, find a topic of conversation that you are interested in, and then send them a voice message that you are interested in a conversion. It seems that you have to register for the beta and get an invite to see it in full swing but from Mike's description the fundamental flaw in this is that you don't send voice messages to people you don't know! Yes, its that simple. You don't even text them. People consider it an unforgivable violation of their mobile phone, a very personal object. If Yabb had considered using voice to "stay in touch with the conversation", of "extending the conversation", then they might have been on to something. Never the less, I wish them well, its never easy to start something new.

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