Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Headline Grabbing Number That Makes No Sense

Damovo and Ericsson are saying that "missed calls" and "phonetag" are costing business $700m a year. Not a bad figure for the global costs....oh.... wait, that's the estimated cost for the Irish marketplace? The average worker spent 73 minutes per week leaving voicemail? I know I talk to people on the phone, and waste that amount of time within the call itself. It's certainly not a case of stop leaving voicemail, get an IM, you will find yourself more efficient, because you will get interrupted. At its base level, what this should have been about, is that there are modes of synchronous and asynchronous interactions and requests for interactions that could be managed more effectively. The opportunity for time saving is of an order of magnitude higher than this piece of PR might suggest.

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