Friday, May 25, 2007

SMS & Voice = Attention-Message-Flow (? !!)

As someone who works in this space, I try to be an early adopter. I am, as my other half puts it, an "infomaniac". The downside of that is that I can experience the information overload, noise, ambient information that can be typified by using a service like Twitter. Alec Saunders brings us a report by Mike Gotta that takes this experience and shows us how it must evolve. The Caveat I will add, is that this is for the "infomaniacs" out there: * Take what's going on in my life * add more context about what I am doing * in the context of my interaction patterns * correlate everything in an intelligent manner * continue to analyze continuously, both past and present * discover what's important to me, even if i may not know it * augment that information before you communicate it to me * signal such information or messages relevant to my work context and focus * in a manner that is aware of my attention priorities I could not agree more. Pieter de Villiers commenting on the last post made the point that the message has to be value adding and that there were lots of instances where people would value "getting interrupted" by an SMS or Phone Call. Like the recent campus killings in the US. If we begin to think of such occurrences in terms of 2.0 thinking, we may be able to think about "message streams from the edge" as opposed to "why don't the authorities phone us".

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