Friday, May 25, 2007

Enable Live Conversation For Good Service Delivery

CRMChump Reports An Accenture Customer Service for Technology Companies Study: ● 81 percent of customers surveyed who rated their service satisfaction as “below average” said they will purchase from a different supplier the next time. ● Although 75 percent of executives said their companies’ provide “above average” customer care, 58 percent of consumers rated their satisfaction with customer service as average or below average. ● When consumers rate their service satisfaction as merely “average,” the likelihood of their buying again from that same company falls by almost half from 51 percent to 27 percent. ● 48 percent of consumers surveyed said they share their negative customer-service experiences with friends and family. ● 42 percent of customers surveyed said they had to access customer-service channels multiple times to resolve their problems. ● 61 percent of consumers surveyed said they believe that technology has not improved customer service. ● And as for that 78 percent mentioned above, here it is: That 78 percent surveyed said the service they receive is “at or below” the level competitors offer. When you look at what customers actually want, its straight forward: 69% completeness in solving my problem 65% solving my problem 46% solving my problem with one agent 38% using a logical process to solve my problem 35% enable me to quickly and easily reach a live customer service agent 12 ability to solve the problem myself with online tools. So, (1) Solve my problem, completely, at a single touch-point (2) Engage with me and my problem with logical and efficient process (3) Enable me to speak with customer service very easily. By placing strategic "Click to Call" buttons around your FAQ's or on your "Contact Us" areas, or by dynamically publishing "Click to Call" capability when your website sees that someone is in trouble (taking too long to get through the check out process during a purchase), you can increase the ease with which customers can engage with you. Of course, when they do engage with you, you still have to provide outstanding customer service by knowing how to close out that call first time, with that agent. Having done that, you can begin to think about your upselling and cross selling capability.

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