Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't Want To Hit an IVR?

A great piece in Techcrunch about an innovative new servcie called Bringo. Always want to get through to a live operator? Find the company you want to talk to in their Directory, put in your phone number, and Bringo will call you back with the live connection to a customer service person. As a commentator on techcrunch said, their is more or less a list of these numbers available on It would surely be a simple thing to get a mashup going with a simple tool like Teqlo and have the call back delivered, the connection managed via VoiceSage. If I were Bringo though, I'd go straight to widget and desktop on this one. I would also be working on how to enable the search function from my mobile phone. Perhaps text in the company name to a short code, and then you get called back when the operator is available? Definitely. Again, anyone interested, drop a line to VoiceSage, we would be delighted to enable you!

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1 comment:

The Lal said...


Not a bad idea.
Customer service (even with all its bells n whistles these days) still leaves a lot 2b desired.


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