Sunday, April 29, 2007

Twittering Politics

On the day that Ireland announces a General Election, Stowe Boyd in the US receives an invitation from presidential candidate Obama. Yes, Stowe Boyd will now be receiving Twitter updates from the presidential candidate. It makes sense. If Bertie was on Television and his PR people felt that maybe some of the points didn't come across well enough, he could Twitter his "friends" or "campaigners" with some statistics, or a link to the updated information on the website. With a response capability, candidates could take live polls through a broadcast, or immediately afterwords. If you were to "walk up to the podium" and know that 80% of the "sms or voice responders" in your panel or network thought that the other candidate made some good points about the state of our Transportation infrastructure, this would surely give you some tips on how to handle your presentation. I think the US very clearly sees the role that internet and related techologies are playing in opinion formation and are learning the lessons very very fast.

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