Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shift Happens:

Just saw this over at Don Thornson's Marketing 2.0 blog. What was interesting to me (right now) about this video clip is that the inherent world view is national. What about "all these smart people are now educated and available for work?", what about "the number of human resources we can put against problem solving is rising exponentially", how about "these are the top 10 intractable scientific issues that could be predictably solved with more resources?". Such thinking insists that you "invert the pyramid" and look to markets that you may not have thought about serving before. Messaging in India has risen with the exponential rise of mobile phone sales; India's outsourcing industry is now reaching a kind of tipping point where it will be at the same level in the value chain as any other IT service provider globally. I think that businesses that meld social change with technology will make dramatic impacts.

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