Wednesday, April 11, 2007

GPS and Goofy Phones:

GigaOm reports that Disney Mobile, a MVNO, which has been in business for a year, says nearly 30% of its subscribers use GPS location-tracking services once every other day, and about 70% come from the handset. 56 percent of Disney Mobile subscribers are adults. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before parents get SMS updates when their kids leave a certain area, when they are "near" kids they are banned from meeting, or places they are banned from going? It could all turn very strange. For the enterprise though, the exact same processes could be used for tracking delivery staff and ensuring that they stay within their zones? Geo location developments like GeoRSS when meshed in with Mapping Applications could even give you a Live feed of what business colleagues are in your area right now and presence applications like iotum talk-now could tell you whether they are interruptible for coffee!

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