Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contacting Older Customers

TomBomb reports that Unlike their Bubble Generation counterparts, Baby Boomers tend to get online insight from offline sources: 79% would respond to promotional e-mails about products and services 92% have read about a Web site in a print article (magazine, newspaper) and then visited online 89% have seen a print ad and later visited the online site 83% have seen a Web site advertised on television and later visited it online 65% will visit a Web site address after hearing it on a radio commercial Tom makes the point that there is no real additional technical or cultural barriers to their use of 2.0 applications, so what explains the surprising latency?. For me, the point, is that to reach the older consumer you still have to go through trusted media, i.e. old fashioned newspapers, magazines etc. Yet, most of these comments relate to the first stage of the process, i.e. awareness and search. I think it would be realy useful to know how many older people read blogs? have ever downloaded a widget? etc. At VoiceSage we know from experience that when contacting an older demographic, their is nothing to beat a phone call.

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