Friday, January 26, 2007

Social-Texting/ PC - Mobile

From eMarketer: "It may be far from a mainstream activity as yet, but according to Telephia, 4% of UK mobile users have already uploaded content created on their mobile phones to social networking sites, video- and picture-sharing sites, blogs and personal Web pages". How often have you been in a store, or in your car, and wanted to take a picture on your mobile phone and upload it to your "things that stupid people do" zone, the one you share with your colleagues and friends. In Ireland, someone took a picture of the guy that had come to install the broadband, but who instead, decided to take a little kip on the couch. De facto we are in a surveillance society, and we, the crowd, are Big Brother. Services such as Twitter, and are truly set to benefit from this mobile-pc-mobile communications. But with in-video tagging capabilities now coming on line from multiple vendors surely its only a matter of time before such interaction sets find their business application?

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