Monday, January 29, 2007

Health Alerts

Paul Kedrosky over at Infectious Greed, is a fairly prestigious wall street commentator. In a post today he notes that his kid are always coming home from school having caught some kind of infection, and when he goes to the doctor he is told "oh, that's going round at the moment". So why isn't there some kind of web 2.0 thing to let him know that there is something going around? It should only be a matter of time that all "old school web presences" have a "2 Mobile" strategy that combines social software and social networking elements. For instance, would I want an official alert from my school or would I want the parents of kids that actually play with my kid to send the alert? and who creates the network etc. In China, a text went round which was allegedly leaked from the department of health. Pork sales fell by two thirds in one day. Clearly someone will have to stand into the breach here and release a "health notification service" for schools, that is potentially more twitter-like, but with governance of some kind.

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