Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BubbleGen Customer!

Well, our good friends over at BubbleGen (UK based consultancy) have maybe had their Brand turn Meme on them! BubbleGen Meme BubbleGen might be an emerging term for all the people out there that think about technology and the internet in a completely different way from people that grew up with fur on the outside of their anaraks. These BubbleGen-ers must know where their friends are at all times, what they are doing, and you can only get their attention if someone within their circle endorses your product. They are just the kind of people that want to "broadcast their lives". Tell me who your friends are and what your media habits are, and I will tell you who you are as the old school media advisors might say. Some of the interest in YouTube no doubt comes from its social network capabilities and ease of use, and its potential profiling capability. But it also drives customers to content that people pay for! It is interesting to note that mainstream shows that preview segments (or allow you to taste the show), are gaining more overall viewers for their core offer, the programme on TV. Places like YouTube are at "the edges of your attention". For instance, YouTube is where The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are watched and shared. These shows are satirical, and attractive to those that want to be "in the know". (Perhaps these effects are why the Daily show is now a top source of "real news information" The Daily Show Top News Source ) So YouTube enabled viewers to rate content with their peers, vote stuff to the top of the list, gain attention, and spead to like minded people. To me, these principles are very old school. Its just the mechanisms that have changed. Is it possible that your product or service: (1) Can be sampled (2) Can be shared (3) Can be meaningfully identified with

You have a good chance of grabbing a bigger slice of the action.

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