Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Creating Branding Opportunities

It is true that with so much effort going into "outside branding", companies often do not pay enough attention to the things (seemingly everyday things) within their business that could communicate elements of the overall brand message. I am not talking pens and clipboards here, but if your local gym gives you a white plastic membership card, with no photograph, and no additional information on it, is that gym likely to be giving you personal service? no. If that card told the front desk staff when you signed in that this person is not making enough progress, ask the customer if they would like 5 minutes with the trainer before todays session, then yes. But when that customer is outside the gym, you can bet that they are looking at the card in some manner or means three times a day, and showing it to three other people. The link in todays posting points out how not paying attention to the instruction manual could be another example of a lost opportunity.

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