Thursday, March 05, 2009

eComm09 et al.


Graham Brierton, CTO VoiceSage, ecomm09 Source:

Well our presentation at eComm has been delivered and you can check it out here. We will post video if and when it becomes available. We think that there are some important points to be communicated  relating to the true value of CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Processes), and the potential future value of CEBP in a Telco2 / Web2.0/ Enterprise2.0 world. eComm is seen as the leading event globally for disruptive telecommunications service providers so we are very proud to be there.

The presentations are put up on Slideshare for viewing and comment, but Twitter is the backchannel of choice for all these conferences and eComm is no different, though less busy than I for one expected (perhaps a reflection of social media participation versus consumption).

There have been a few notable announcements so far, including the open source, royalty free release of the Skype Wideband audio codec which may become a defacto standard in future communication modes (more here). It is part of the Skype-Everywhere strategy, and from an Innovation point of view, well worth keeping an eye on.

Other announcements (here) included the launch of by Jamie Siminoff enabling people to build fairly sophisticated telecommunications-web services. Jamie was the driver behind so he is worth watching. 

The good people over at dial2do have an interview with me over on their blog is you want to drop over and say hello. Dial2Do were speakers at ecom 2008, and their thoughts on "social phone" and "social media" are worth following. Update: nearly forgot. HT for all her design effort on the presentation. She tells some of the Elephant Story here

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