Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IGO People - IGO Here


I've been in conversation with the IGOPeople people for a while now and their site launch has impressed me for a number of reasons. But first, the strategic positioning: IGOPeople is a space where conversations between individuals, groups, and organisations can be seen, and followed, and published. In my opinion, its part of this new social media / CRM2.0/ Social CRM thing. As I said, I've spoken with the IGO-Peeps and they have a pretty deep vision for the site. Here's what has impressed me to date:

- It looks pretty damn good and its damned easy to sign up and get started (low adoption friction);

- Conversations are flows;

- Conversations are facilitated from within IGO, or can flow from "outside-into-IGO". Loads of examples of from Twitter to IGO and IGO out to Twitter (DellCamp being one example);

- They have managed to entice some pretty major companies to try out this "new type of conversation" and they are obviously experimenting with different engagement models;

- They have "Individual's" conversation flows going, and that's pretty hard to do (HT to Campbell Scott for making that happen).

Best of Luck to Them. You have to ask yourself why a company wouldn't want to at least experiment with this.

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