Thursday, February 28, 2008

Micro-Channel: CommuterFeeds

Know someone that takes the same route to work as you do? Try CommuterFeed powered by Twitter. (hat-tip RWW) This might be a "mirco-channel" with only 10 people in it, and only updated twice a day. But it is a channel, and people are going to create more and more of these things. They will be called "comment channels", "IM Sessions", etc. etc. They will not be launched by your IT department, they will be Enterprise Edge Services (Seriously thinking of patenting that phrase:)

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Anonymous said...

And the weak link is that it's powered by Twitter. I'd like to see a minifeed pulled from FriendFeed and powered by Zenark.

Paul Sweeney said...

Do Zenark sms you? also, I think that they are more of a top-down play? I was interested in people creating their own channels and updating each other. Until news is routinely GEO RSS that is!

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