Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Revealing Latent Potential: Incentivise Data Disclosure (Or, Let People Tell You Stuff So You Can Co-Create )

I've been following property sites for a while because I think they lead the way in business model development. The amounts of money to be made from Hot Leads, is akin to Hot Search results, or the database of intentions. But what if people don't declare their intention? Usually, your surmise their intention from context, and their history of interaction with you, and with others. Another way to surface intention is to pay: Techcrunch reports that a clever new company called Notchup will enable you to let companies bid for your time to interview. So, you are a competent, succeeding manager in financial services, happy with your employment and internal prospects? Surely you would be tempted to interview if someone was willing to pay you $500 for an hour of your time?

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