Thursday, January 17, 2008

Phone's Produce Data: Now Go Forth and Multiply

When (note when) data becomes more open, public, and portable new information service opportunities will arise. Great article today from Brian McConnell guesting on Om's site. If phones produce "flow data" that is "location aware", anonymous data can be used to generate an analysis of everything from average Q lengths to data that can help design better people flow through shops, airports, and public transport systems. The guys over at Telco2 have been talking about this for ages and ages. How you expose your phone and identity data will become the issue, and how you tie this to your personal profile data, and not a la Beacon from Facebook, but more along the lines of Google, Jaiku and Google trends. Now here's the kicker: there is one level of service opportunity that the data aggregator can get (i.e. the Telco) and they can sell that on (or make it available for revenue share), and their is another level of data that is added to this (from other data pools) that match this meta-data against a particular individuals "profile" in the context of their relationship to your company. Thus building up your customer data is a strategy that is only going to become more and more important.

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