Monday, November 19, 2007

LouderVoice Reviews: They Get It.

I just signed on to the LouderVoice review site enabling me to manage my commenting, and make reviews of everything from the wine I drink to the films I see. One thing I can say very positively about the service is the complete ease of use, sign up, and registration. It was seamless, painless, and I saw an instant benefit (i.e. I wrote a review and it appeared on the specified location).Then they allow you to add a firefox extension to write reviews from where ever you are when browsing, and now also you can SMS in your reviews from the very place you are right now. Customer Reviews are becoming an incredibly powerful reference tool, (see Adweek) and the regular user is searching to find real and authentic others, that can help guide their decisions and purchases. Enabling you to make your reviews on the fly, and publish them where you will, is an attractive proposition. I haven't dug very deep into the service yet, so I am curious to know how these reviews are shared socially (i.e. on social network) and what benefit the poster of reviews is seen as getting. I am sure all will be revealed in due time.

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Conor O'Neill said...

Thanks for the kind words Paul. We've focused on core features initially and requested lots of user feedback. Based on that, in the coming months we will be adding both internal social features (friends etc) and external integration via Widgets etc.

The key motivator for reviewers is that we can help build an audience for their expertise and opinions whilst they retain control of their content. They can also find like-minded reviewers and build collections of review bookmarks that they can share out.

We're very much focused on the long tail so you won't find 100 iPod reviews but you will find the only review on the web of Delicias Pepinillos Gherkins :-)

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