Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ethics? Hello? Ethics?

This is a personal opinion piece, but I feel strongly about it. When I was in college we did this course called "business ethics". It was because big corporations were pretty much ripping everyone off, acting illegally, and the culture of these companies at the time, encouraged it! Things were cleaned up a little after the big "enron" type scandals but perhaps signs are that people have lost their way again? In The Big Five Trends that you should watch, Trendwatching calls one GenerationZ, i.e. below 3 years of age, and into the womb. Perhaps not so bad an example where their is a social network helping people "bond with their bumps", or get to know other mum's with a view to sharing experience and tips. (www.foops.com) (note: in private beta, link not live). But to say that the opportunity is to create "lasting brand tags" through creating songs, and entertainment for children, in the womb, is just plain wrong. If you don't know why, perhaps the legislation on marketing to children might point you in the right direction.

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