Sunday, October 21, 2007

Post Telco2.0 Thought: Jaiku is Gooju and PhoneBook 2.0

Nobody paid that much attention to Jaiku and Google at Telco2.0, there were some passing references, but no real Eurika moments. I'd just like to take a moment to say why I think this is going to be important. Jaiku and Gtalk are both built on Jabber, an instant messaging protocol. That means that anyone with gmail, or gtalk, could probably start using those services as jaiku-like, or jaiku-enabled services. I sent a gmail to your gmail address? bingo: your on my gtalk list, and I can see what updates you post about your location, your thoughts, your conferences etc. It will not be very long before Gooju (just made that up!) will be able to tell who your near and far friends are, and place them on your "buddy list" in a dynamic way, in terms of gooju's interpretation of what you might want to see, given your interpersonal context. So, would you rather that, or would you rather just have a brick there with a number on it? That's the fundamental difference between a "presence flow" and a "phone number". Now download the gooju client onto a mobile phone, and gooju knows where I am, who I am with, and who we want to talk to. Combine that with our use of maps, and gooju can make some pretty accurate assumptions about what we want to do. Oh come on man, nobody wants that? If his is your reaction your are thinking sequentially, not in parallel. I've seen what gtalk does when a group of friends puts it on blackberry. Weird things start to happen. People update their facebook profile with Jaiku and Plazes, they change the status bar on their Gtalk to be ironic about their availability, in short their phonebook becomes a social application. The phone company, (oops, the Telco), is thinking about location based services, is thinking about presence. Their is a world of opportunity out there for location based data that is available, mashable, and re-packagable. By trying to ring fence where the revenues are going to come from in the short term, they are removing themselves from the innovation that is occuring in the channel and at the edges. Its not data services as you know it fella's, its the data inside strategy....

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Matt said...

Hi Paul

Add Grandcentral to the mix and you have abstracted the number from the device.

Then, the phonebook just lists names - or, to put it another way, 'A self updating phonebook' - how cool would that be?

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