Friday, July 06, 2007

Stupid Scam That Misses Real Opportunity

Kelsey Group Blog reports on an absolute scam, and its more the pity, because there was an actually useful business service that could have been delivered. Apparently, Merchant circle were autodialling small businesses, telling them that there was an unfavorable review posted on them on the internet, and by going to the Merchant Circle address, and putting in their phone number, they would be able to see it. Of course, there was no review. Now talk about missing an opportunity. Besides the fact that it is easy enough to set up a Google alert on your company name, and have an sms sent to you, there is a fairly good service capable of being delivered if you offered to phone people and tell them there is a bad review of them somewhere. How hard would it be to create a service that called you when their was actually something negative written about your company, and would give you the opportunity to reply there and then? Not hard. Not hard at all. If this kind of thinking interests you drop me an email, and I'll tell you something.

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