Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Liquid Services (and I don't mind drinking)

Blognation report the link up between ParkatmyHouse and Nestoria. A terrific example of where two services can combine for mutual benefit. I love these services because they also create market liquidity where there was none before: did you know you could make money by renting the space outside your door? I am sure this model is applicable to a whole range of services such as Holiday Home exchanges. By adding a few tweaks to the service moving forward you may even be able to receive offers on your car space only when it goes over a certain value, or track the open market value of car spaces so that you can price that into the sale of your home. Now that practically everyone carries a mobile phone its pretty easy to see how alert services are useful in this example. I wonder how much "a space" in a good local school would cost :)

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