Thursday, June 07, 2007

No, You actually do have to care about customer service transparency....

Damien Mulley, a popular Irish blogger, had a bad customer service experience. It's the usual thing, somebody didn't treat his concerns with respect, and now he is angry, and evangelical. He blogged the entirety of his experience, the outcomes, and how he felt about the whole thing. Then he set up his own moaning site for customer service failures For any (remaining)company out there that does not get this, this is not just some "crazy guy" setting up a website. He has readers, collaborators, family, friends. Now they will share the experience, gripe about their own experiences, and probably cause some significant brand damage. Now imagine that Damien was on line right now with a customer service team and "broadcasting the experience" to his network, LIVE! It is not farfetched. Customer service is not a set of metrics, it is an experience at each individuals level. When Paul Greenberg gets bad service, he posts up the entire interaction process online. Tom Raftery does this to a gut wrenching extent, but has become a reliable recorder of experience as a result. When performing an online check of companies and their reputation for service, all your Adwords will not negate the effect of a well written, and highly evidenced customer experience. Just to prove it, I googled the search term customer review sites and restricted the results to Ireland. The Result Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » An Irish Customer Care Portal? Wow Its like a circular argument, isn't it?

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Damien said...

Jaysus, I already have a monopoly on this area.

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