Monday, June 11, 2007

Dell To Storm Ahead?

It would seem that Dell are going to bring their mass customisation expertise a step forward. What am I talking about? Their ideastorm customer interaction space has thrown up two very "new to the company" ideas (1) open source operating system Ubuntu, and (2) environmentally friendly computers. Wait for this though: 100,000 people contributed to their Q&A on these decisions. Best quote for me in the article has to be Bob Pearson, VP-corporate group communications at Dell: "There's a big difference between pushing your story out vs. becoming relevant in customers' conversations." There is a lot in that quote. How do you create interaction opportunities that are relevant to your customer? Finally, if Dell could let people design how they wanted their MP3 player to interact with their Dell, they could launch a decent online alternative to iTunes. Crazy? Original Story on Advertising Age.

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