Friday, March 30, 2007

Who Knows I'm Here?

Niall Larkin over on Chuky Flow draws our attention to an interesting paper by Daha Boyd at Etech2006. The basic underlying problem is how and when do we want to "exposure our presence" or even our "existence" to unknown others? Would you be happy if just anyone could call you at any time? Can just anyone ping your messenger? I tend to think of this as being a bit like buying a book. I could go on amazon and buy it if I know what I want, I could ask friends for recommendations, or I could just browse and discover a book by walking around the store. For customer contact solutions, these nuances are important. Should you enable your customer to speak to other customers "like them?" in certain situations, and if so how do you "expose their existence and presence to each other?" When you you open up an invitation to speak with a customer service person to someone who is only browsing? Perhaps its not there yet, but I believe that a mix of "presence engines" like and are leading companies looking to address this kind of issue.

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Niall Larkin said...

Looking forward to checking out those leads Paul. I like that you drew attention to the need for nuance. I think that is one of the keys things lacking in many of todays rather socially clunky 'social applications'. Or as danah put it another time 'autistic social software'.

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