Thursday, January 18, 2007

Right Person Contact and Predictive Dialling

Donna Fluss, Principle at DMG Consulting, the specialists in call centre efficiency, has stated that the new generation of outbound dialling services are going to completely change the way people think about customer contact. Blind Dialling is Dead! You need to concentrate on the relationship and Right Person Contacts. The restrictions of Do Not Call (DNC) legislation means that companies have to really sit back and think about when customers need, and want, to be called. Obviously DNC's (and the need for pretty good number suppression capability) will reduce the amount of people that you can call, but industry insiders are saying that "Although the size of the lists that companies have to call has decreased between 30 and 50 percent, the quality of the remaining prospects is better since the people who wouldn't buy anyway are no longer on the list." Telemarketing is stronger, but leaner.(Jim Mitchell, Aspect Software). Fluss goes onto to say that "Building and nurturing relationships with existing customers is a more rewarding use of a company's resources (and its predictive dialler) than the aggressive, shotgun-style outbound campaigns for new customers we were all so frustrated with a few years ago"

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