Monday, December 18, 2006

Changing Service Providers Is Like Being On A Blind Date....

What happens when you are switching to a new service and the guys don't turn up when you expected them to? Well, you are one unhappy little puppy. James Enck is a pretty well informed telecommunications consultant and when his new service provider didn't turn up when they said they would, he just could not, could not, understand why he wasn't fore warned. I think in the case James is referring to their was a genuine Technology SNAFU and where your data is corrupted their is very little you can do "instantly". In speaking with one client such as the one James mentions in his post, VoiceSage was told that sending out SMS/Text reminders for appointment scheduling and appointment confirmations, actually drove inbound traffic volumes to the customer care center, as customers felt that had to personally "take an action" if the they were to truly feel comfortable withe the confirmation process. This isn't the first time VoiceSage have found that in some situations(types of information) customers are not comfortable with text. In Financial services for instance some customers feel that "updates" via SMS are "spewed from some machine in the basement that knows my account details....". Again, we emphasize that there is no substitute for a pilot when rolling out any new service.

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