Monday, December 11, 2006

Attention Defecit Disoder

Interruptions, and interruption management are going to be key in the new attention, and intention economies. Colleagues, friends, family are all vying for attention time, and we, collectively need to get things done, and agreed, in "intention-time". Creating Passionate Users are making some fun of a service called Twitter, that enables people to send simultaneous sms messages to people on a list. Somebody pointed out that this was a bit like micro-blogging (hey, why upload this stuff, when I can just Twitter). There are a few services like this including I was following a conversation over at on the future of social networks like Linked-in, and the key issues seems to be "make your service messy at the edges so that people can invent their own uses for the service". It would seem that people believe that Twitter is so easy to see going big, because it allows for this customer based innovation. Question remains: if its the customer's time, it will be the customer to determine how and when they want to interact with you. As a service provider, its your job to figure out what the "intention-interactions" are, and what the subsequent "attention interactions" have to be. My two pence.

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Bock the Robber said...

Defecit Disoder.

I love it.

Laughing out loud and rolling on the floor.

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