Friday, October 13, 2006

Telco 2.0, Surveillance, and Notifications.

Very nice diagram of issues relating to Telco 2.0. The point of the Telco 2.0 is that as the world goes low cost and wireless the benefits of ubiquitious access will be reaped in different ways, for both the retail customer and the enterprise. I think exception reporting and alerting will be a key part of this ecosystem. For instance, you don't want an sms to tell you "all is well"! But you may want a "knock knock" on your 3G phone to show you the window of room 3 of your home. It's there right now, check out

Of course, knowing that something is "up with your house" is different from having some actions completed on the back of that. At VoiceSage we believe that companies like Wilife will need a rock solid notification system to contact everyone that needs to be contacted when an event occurs, they will need to configure it themselves. Think of it as emergency notification for the individual.

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