Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Surveillance Society?

Wired reports that an "art exhibit" demonstrating how close we all are to a surveillance society managed to due what 4th and 5th generation netorks have been promising.

They used ordinary cell phones placed at strategic locations to "log" where people were, where they had been, and then made suppositions about what they might have been doing. This was made possible by the fact that most people leave their bluetooth settings open (technically termed bluejacking I think). But if Google earth, and google maps, and your google IM are all on, then google can make the same suppositions, and charge marketers for the privalage. Now if your telecommunications company holds all your records for 7 years, that's a lot of data records.  What has any of this got to do with customer interaction? I think you can take it for granted that if you are thinking abou customer contact stategies, and the mobile phone isn't right in the middle of your strategy, you might be missing a tic.

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