Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dynamic of TimeShifting

One element of the VoiceSage service is that you can set up your contact campaign now,and have it delive" red at a future time. One of our clients actually set up their campaign and then went on holidays! "Time-Shifting" refers to products & services that enable you to "consume" the service at a different time (i.e. TiVo). Here is a simple little service that allows you to email yourself at a future time On a personal note I use gmail and GTD (Getting Things Done) to set up a series of filters that enable me to search and priortise on the basis of the priority or the work context.

Thinking about how your own product or service might be subject to the forces of timeshifting might enable you to extend your service capability in a meaningful way. More and more customers want to be contacted at a time of their choosing, not yours. They want to define under what circumstances you contact them under, in other words, they want to define how your relationship is going to work. So how are you going to enable your customers to define these points?

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